Ways to Live an Alternative Lifestyle

alternative lifestyle

An alternative lifestyle can be a good option at times. Living the life you want means active, conscious evaluation and perhaps resistance to all opinions of anyone other than yourself.

If you don’t have the willpower to stick to your own decisions about how you choose to live your life, chances are you will never start your own creative business, follow your dreams, or achieve.

How can I live an alternative lifestyle?

In this blog, I share ways in which you can resist normative values and ultimately lead the alternative lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

If you are feeling stuck in life, consider whether you have fully gone through the decision points listed below. You can identify the obstacles that you need to remove.

Let’s dive in!

Ignore the mainstream culture and find your alternative community.

The pervasive noise of the mainstream culture is the first and most confusing thing to overcome.

The dominant culture is marked by gentleness and has been communicated to us by the media. The way out of the dominant culture will always go through the arts because the dominant culture only values the arts at an extremely superficial level.

Lose your religion and find it again.

Another big obstacle that you have to overcome to lead the life of your choice is religion, which has predefined life paths from start to finish. Think of religion as separate from the God you believe in because religion is commissioned, sanctioned, articulated, and enforced not by God but by man. Religion is only an interpretation, and God is in your heart. Therefore, blind adherence to the paths that religion points out to you can often turn into a very internal division.

Restore the default assumption of heterosexuality and maintain your sexual freedom.

What does an alternative lifestyle mean sexually? Normative values drag us all into male or female modes of existence, leading us all toward monogamous marriage and parenthood before we can know if it’s right for us. Heterosexual and monogamous assumptions can be the heaviest burden to bear, especially when they come from the person we share our first moments of intimacy with.

Resistance to engagement can keep options open for exploring and learning about the emotional consequences with loved ones.

All intimacy is complicated, but it’s better to force yourself to communicate honestly and endure a breakup than enter into a marriage that will lead to divorce.

Stay free if you are unsure of your sexual preferences, as working down this path can take time.

Become aware of your body and what you eat.

When it comes to food and health, the general public is grossly ignorant and ill-informed.

Draw circles around the blood and keep your limits.

The family is often both the source of pressure to comply and the object from which the pressure is exerted. It is very difficult to escape the normative values that come from family members without a constant struggle or negotiation. The battle between becoming who you are and what you are meant to be is fought in your flesh, as parents refuse to give up the right of their creator.

Financial and physical independence is the way to go.

Until all addiction is removed, you are not your person.

Keep your family at bay if you want to be free to be yourself. Even the best families will strongly impose their values on their members.

When choosing not to marry, have children, or be born or raise your children, alternative lifestyle choices are weighed down by unwanted opinions from strangers and family members, so draw circles protection around your blood relatives. and keep your limits.

If you need help setting and maintaining healthy boundaries with family members, I’ve found this great article online to help!