Things to love about the rural lifestyle

rural lifestyle

When we talk about villages, the first thing that comes to our mind is the peace of rural lifestyle. The countryside is peaceful side. Life is a little bit slower in a rural lifestyle. Today, in this article, we will go through some points that will prove rural life is worth it.

I’m glad when I wake up.

I am not afraid of a new day. Every day is a new one full of adventures, projects, and challenges. The old routine called “daily” is history. I have the opportunity to discover new hobbies and the space to practice them. When I lived in the city, I was limited in what I could do in my free time at home.

I live in a safe environment.

I leave my keys in my truck. My house is open. My dogs are the best buzzer I have ever had! It is so peaceful; when someone comes down my driveway, I hear them often. It is amazing to open the windows and enjoy the fresh air.

I know what I ate these days.

No more worrying about food panics and where my food is coming from. My food is free of unfamiliar additives, pesticides, hormones, activators, and other products that are not good for you.

I will live longer than if I had stayed in the city. My food has flavor too. If you ever grow tomatoes or carrots … something to eat … you will notice the difference with what you buy at the supermarket.

Find out what grows in your area, and you can start planting.

Things are growing around me.

Sentient beings in real life surround me. I can keep an eye on my garden and watch my livestock from my kitchen window. One day, on the way to town, I saw hundreds of deer and wild turkeys.

I love watching eagles hover over me while I work on my property. Everything is very relaxing. It makes me appreciate the wonders of each day in a way that I never knew when running from here to there.

My children are learning about life.

When children live in a rural area, they have the opportunity to know where their food comes from. Furthermore, they are partly responsible for it. They can follow their desires and passions, whether growing food, flowers, or caring for animals. Through this, children learn to be responsible, take action to achieve results, and learn to be independent.

My family is somewhat protected from possible problems in the future.

Not everything is going well in the economic, political, and global environment. Unemployment, foreclosures, civil unrest… are things looking up? No. The consequences of all this will affect urban areas much more than rural ones. I can isolate myself from the world and not miss anything. It doesn’t affect me in many ways as I go about my business on my small plot of land.

I can raise animals.

If you are a human that loves animals or wants to raise them for food, you can.

Most people move to a rural living environment to raise livestock or raise backyard chickens without worrying about restrictions and other neighborhoods or towns. Plus, you probably won’t have to worry about a rooster disturbing your neighbors.

We live more sustainably.

In addition to learning new skills and hobbies on my rural property, I have lived more sustainably. I never thought I would start composting when I lived in the city, but it is natural and easy to do here. I’m more used to using more than I have and not wasting it.

I know my neighbors.

While I lived closer to my neighbors when I lived in an urban setting, I know them better now that they are further away. We help each other with projects, or we stand up and talk.