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Tips to design a perfect bedroom

bedroom design

A bedroom is a place to sleep and relax, and the bedroom design is important for this very reason. Most of us like the simple bedroom design while others like fancy and stylish designs for their sleeping place. We often see bedrooms that look simple but are very elegant. To design a simple bedroom is harder than it looks. But why?

Because? Because every room must have a bed. And the beds are tall and lean, dictating the location of all other objects in the room. But if you have the chance to plan a bedroom from scratch or renovate an existing one, you can take control of the other elements and create a practical and beautiful space. One of the first steps in a good bedroom design is having a well-designed and efficient plan for the floor, and it can look amazing.

Plan a simple Ventilation

The hotels do a great job with this. There’s a reason 90% of hotels have the same floor plan – because it’s simple and works.  Ventilation is a little bit difficult for the en-suite rooms (rooms with en-suite bathrooms, as in the plans above) or rooms with doors to the outside. To save space, pay attention to where you place the bathroom and the closet in your bedroom. Bedrooms with access to the bathroom or closet before the sleeping area, top left, require a long hallway.

Suppose you organize the circulation so that the bathroom and the closet are accessible from the top right’s sleeping area. In that case, you do not need a separate hallway, and you can add the circulation space to the room so that it also feels bigger.

Focus on the view

A bedroom always feels best when the first thing you experience is a pleasant view from the window, rather than a view directly out of bed. If you’re designing a new room or reworking an old one, try creating a layout that focuses on the view, whether it’s something as impressive as a lake or as simple as your backyard.

Consider confidentiality

Confidentiality should be the utmost priority. It is great when you can leave the bedroom door open without giving up all your privacy. The small hallway in this drawing provides a separation from the living room. I always avoid designing a layout where you look directly into the bedroom from a more public space, like a large room, kitchen, or family room.

Connect with the great outdoors

While not possible in all climates, connecting a room to the outdoors is a great way to expand the space and admit more natural light.

Consider the arrangement of the furniture.

The architecture of your room must take into account your furniture. Bedroom plans usually have a wall for the bed, but what about dressers, nightstands, TVs, chairs, and desks?

Take your time

Good design takes time and usually requires refinement before coming up with the perfect plan for your lifestyle.

The truth is, a good layout doesn’t necessarily mean a space that’s too complex and expensive to build. A space that performs better costs less to build is more efficient to operate, and easier to maintain can be a great example of great design.


A bedroom design is good when it pleases your eyes. You can make several good changes to your current bedroom design by following the above-given tips. Be confident about your choice and choose the colors that attract you. Sometimes, little changes in your bedroom can make it look amazing, and vice versa; some small bad changes can ruin the overall design. Thank you for reading