What You Should Know About the Slow Juicer

Slow Juicer

The slow-speed juicer, also known as a centrifugal juicer, has a high-speed motor design, sharp blades, fuel receiving tube, juice tray, and container residue. The machine works on the principle of a modern grinding wheel so that the food is pressed or pureed quickly.

With extremely high rotation speed, up to 2400 rpm, the slow-speed juicer can crush ingredients or separate the best water. The food is put into the receiving tube, then you just switch and the machine will operate according to the pre-programmed principle.

Slow juicers are the most popular smoothie products today. The product integrates many functions, not only squeezing, grinding, grinding but also can grind frozen foods thanks to the extremely sharp blade.

The finished product that the slow-speed juicer produces is always appreciated for its delicious taste, keeping all the inherent nutrients, so this product is increasingly selling in the market.

Working principle and structure of slow juicer

Different from normal presses, slow juicers operate on the principle of pressing force of a geared motor and a helical screw.

After putting fruit or food into the material receiving jar, you turn on the switch and the machine starts to work, crush the food at ~85 rpm, the crushed product will go to the filter and separating the water from the pulp, we get a cup of juice full of nutrients.

The slow-speed juicer works very smoothly and softly, making absolutely no noise, affecting the people around.

Should you choose a slow juicer or a regular juicer?

The slow-speed juicer has many outstanding advantages compared to other conventional juicers. In addition, because the machine has a lot of different functions integrated into the same product, the slow-speed juicer has a relatively high price, so you need to consider the following criteria to buy a product. Best slow-speed juicer product.

Criteria to choose to buy the best slow juicer

Here are the top criteria when buying a slow juicer, please refer to them.

1. Understand the purpose of using a slow juicer

Demand for use is an important criterion in choosing the right slow juicer, the slow juicer you buy must meet the number of users, usage level, and economic ability. Answering all the questions below will help you know which slow-speed juicer is best and most reasonable.

  • Do your family members love fruit juices?
  • How often do you cook dishes that involve grinding, squeezing, or grinding?
  • Food used in the hard or soft state?
  • What is your family’s current economic condition?
  • Is it necessary to buy a slow juicer?

2. How much is the current price of a slow juicer?

The cost for a slow-speed juicer is often much higher than that of conventional juicers, but the quality and efficiency are many times higher, so you need to consider before deciding to buy the product.

According to our market research, the slow speed juicers on the market today are divided into 3 new segments with 3 different prices such as:

Low-speed fruit juicer in the low-priced segment: The product design is quite simple, with few supporting features, especially not able to squeeze hard and frozen foods.

Slow-speed juicers in the mid-range segment, priced from 80 – 100USD: Consumers often choose products in this segment because of their reasonable prices, affordable prices, and many integrated machines. various utilities for users.

Low-speed juicer in the high-end segment: The product line of slow juicers in the segment with diverse functions, flexibility, superior quality, beautiful design, delicate, convenient for users, but with a high price, it makes consumers wonder.

Don’t forget to search and use discount codes to save money when shopping online for Low-speed juicer products. Discounts and coupon codes for slow juicers will be found on many reputable websites. You can easily find them with just a few clicks.

In particular, you can save a lot on big sales occasions depending on the time frame that the supplier offers.

3. Slow juicer design and style

You should choose products with sophisticated design, modern design will help the kitchen more lively and outstanding

In addition, you can also rely on your preferences to choose your favorite color. Normally, women often like colors such as red, pink, silver, etc., like the slow-speed juicer products of Savtm, Kuvings.

4. How much capacity is appropriate for the container?

Slow juicers have many different capacities, from 500ml to over 800ml, you can rely on the suggestions below to choose the most suitable juicer for your family:

– For families with less than 3 members, you should choose products with a capacity of 500ml and a container capacity of about 600ml.

– The juicers with a capacity of 500-700ml are suitable for families with 4-5 members.

Products with a large capacity of over 700ml are usually suitable for families with 5 or more members.

Note: Some modern slow-speed juicers now have a mill design that can squeeze, grind, and grind hard foods and frozen foods easily, thereby saving users time and effort.

5. What is the material used in the slow juicer parts

Product material is also one of the factors we need to pay attention to. Safety products must be made from ABS plastic or stainless steel alloy, ensuring product quality and durability, not only that but also make it easy for users to clean the machine. Besides, the parts must be designed to fit together, so that the machine works more smoothly.

6. Strong rotation speed – large capacity

To grind, squeeze and grind food in the best way, the capacity and rotation speed of the machine is extremely important. Each slow juicer will be designed with a capacity level, rotation speed, so buyers must pay attention to this point.

The popular slow-speed juicers on the market today usually have a capacity of about 150 – 250W, suitable for household use. Slow juicers with larger capacity are often used in industrial juicing, not suitable for families.

In addition, slow juicers with too low capacity also make it difficult for you to cook because they can only squeeze soft foods, if you want to juice, you have to cut the food into small pieces or it will damage the machine, the reduced durability.

7. Features, utilities & accessories included

Currently, slow-speed juicers are increasingly improved with different modes and functions such as safety lock mode, anti-slip feet, or when the machine is overloaded, the machine will automatically cut off the power, etc. This function helps the machine operate safely and competes stronger than other slow juicers in the same segment of the market.

High-end product lines are sold on the market at a rather high price, but the product is designed with more features for users. The models in the mid-range segment are priced right for the buyer’s pocket but at the same time, the functions are also designed with less.

Usually, when buying a slow juicer, the buyer is often given a pressing cage and a mill. These devices make the function of the juicer more diverse, helping you to process many different dishes, with a variety of nutritious menus for the family.

8. Prestigious brand and origin of slow juicer

Slow juicers from Japan, Germany, Korea, etc. are very popular in many markets. If you buy domestic goods, the price will be high because they are imported complete units. Products of the same brand but made in China will have a lower selling price. But customers can rest assured that the product quality is the same.

9. Address to buy slow juicer and warranty

Slow-speed juicers work well for 3-4 years, longer than conventional juicers, long warranty period, depending on which brand you buy and whether it is a high-end or normal product line.