All you need to know about the biggest coffee exporting companies in Brazil

biggest coffee exporting companies in Brazil

The biggest coffee exporting companies in Brazil are driven by the will from the simplest coffee in the world. Out of all the coffee-producing nations in the world in today’s day and age, almost no other country is in the same league as Brazil. Brazil is the biggest coffee producer, exporter, and also consumer. Coffee production in Brazil was at its peak around a century ago in the 1920s when it accounted for nearly 80% of coffee production in the world but over the past couple of decades this number has come down but there’s still no other country that can dispute Brazil’s numero uno position in terms of coffee production. Brazil is numero uno in terms of coffee production mainly because the climate conditions in Brazil are highly conducive for the growth of coffee. Brazil exports its coffee around the world. There are buyers of Brazilian coffee all over the world and it is mainly because it doesn’t get better than Brazilian coffee. The biggest markets for Brazilian coffee are Germany, Italy, Japan, Belgium, and States.

Let’s have a look at some of the biggest coffee exporting companies in Brazil

Café Pilao – By a distance, by a light year, it can be said without a shadow of a doubt that

  • Café Pilao is indisputably the best coffee brand in all of Brazil. Café Pilao produces full-bodied coffee that is made by slow roasted and finely ground beans that have their origins in some of the finest planting regions in all of Brazil.
  • Café do Ponto – This coffee is actually harvested in some of the most famous and traditional estates of Sao Paulo as well as Minas Gerais in Brazil. Café do Ponto offers coffee that has a very vibrant flavor and also a very refined and smooth finish. Further, coffee from the house of Café do Ponto is medium roasted as well as being finely ground, making it a top-tier choice for connoisseurs’ of coffee.
  • Brazil Santos Coffee :- This is a washed coffee brand from Brazil and actually comes from the biggest coffee exporting companies in Brazil. The coffee on offer is much fruitier and brighter in comparison to most other Brazilian coffees. Further, Brazilian coffee has very low acidity levels mainly because of the climates and characteristics of the area from where it is sourced. The climates ensure that the coffee on offer is of the highest quality, with no parallels whatsoever.
  • Cafe Melitta :- Coffee from the house of Cafe Melitta is actually very strong since it is made from a combination of grains that have a certain dark roasting degree to them. The result is that the coffee produced has a very strong flavor which is very distinctive and has very intense aroma. Cafe Melitta is arguably one of the best Brazilian coffee brands in the world, by some distance.

The Bottom Line

Brazilian coffee has a lot of fans and demand all over the world mainly because Brazilian coffee is very good. Brazilian coffee is good because Brazil naturally has the soil and climates where the best coffee plants can thrive rather easily. Brazil has low altitude regions which are highly conducive for the production of robusta coffee beans as well as arabica coffee beans. Most of the coffee beans produced in Brazil are actually arabica coffee beans and they are actually of the dry-processed kind. Robusta coffee beans usually grow in northern Brazil where the terrain is actually flatter and the climate is hotter since it is shaded from sunlight.

Brazil also grows robusta coffee beans but they are considered to be of a much ‘lower quality. Robusta is around 20% of Brazil’s overall annual crop and the best robusta grows in the higher terrains of southern brazil. The biggest coffee exporting companies in Brazil are very well known and they are highly popular. The coffee from the biggest coffee exporting companies in Brazil is renowned all over the world as well. Brazil is home to some top-class coffee brands that have a lot of fans around the world and here we are talking about brands like Café Pilao, Café do Ponto, Brazilian Santos, Cafe Melitta, Café Bom Dia, Cafe Caboclo, and 3 Coracoes.