No Designer Required! 8 Logo Makers to Create Your Logo

8 Logo Makers to Create Your Logo

There are times when you need a logo for your business or other activities. Logos that can visually appeal to the image, not just letters, are sometimes indispensable.

When creating a logo, it is customary to ask a designer to make a company logo in earnest. However, if you use it at an event or need a circle logo, it will be expensive if you ask a designer, so you may not be able to pay for it. So, here are10 tools that can automatically create a character logo without hiring a designer.

Therefore, the user-friendly logo maker fulfills your desire to create a logo easily.

Most will automatically create several patterns by applying a template from the selected image and the entered characters. Since the template itself is made by the designer, many designs are easy to use.

Of course, as much as it can be made automatically, there are disadvantages such as restrictions on using it, the risk of wearing it with others, and the inability to make something too original.

Still, if it’s a minor defect like the one mentioned above, the benefits will outweigh the benefits. Therefore, this post is going to introduce such a platform.

About high image quality of logo image

Before introducing these easy-to-use logo makers, you should learn more details about these tools.

In addition to the disadvantages of logo makers mentioned above, there is a problem that the image quality of the automatically created logo is low.

In particular, what can be created for free is not a vector file which can be enlarged or reduced at your will, and the image does not deteriorate that can be used in Illustrator, etc. but is provided as standard image data such as JPEG, and in addition, the image is relatively small. It is often a size that cannot withstand printing.

The details may be crushed and not very beautiful even if they are forcibly enlarged with an image correction tool. Therefore, you should care about this aspect when choosing a logo maker to design your logo.

8 tools to create professional-looking logos

Now, the 8 most trendy logo makers are here to share.


DesignEvo is a web service developed by Pearl Mountain. It is a logo creation tool that can be easily used on the browser.


  • Free to use
  • 7 languages support for both menu and logo
  • Freedom of customization


Free up to 300X300PX

Credit notation required for using


LogoFactory is a web service that allows you to create a logo mark in minutes.


  • Downloadable without registration
  • Easy to use
  • Free customization


  • Only default fonts and not many fonts to use


Logaster is a web service that sells AI technology to generate a unique logo for each user.


  • User-friendly
  • Flexibility of customization
  • Abundant downloadable file formats


  • Large watermark in the free version
  • All the logos presented are relatively simple
  • All paid plans are high


This is a simple logo generator that will display a list of text-based logos.


  • Basically free for personal use


  • Many of the proposed logos are about text-decoration.
  • The operation is not complicated, but the menu is difficult to understand.


CoolText is a free logo creation site in the United States. The selling point is simple and pop logo creation.


  • Abundant fonts to choose from
  • No membership registration required
  • Basically free for personal use


  • Logo designs are too biased towards pop.


LogoGarden is a web service operated by a company located in Tennessee, USA.

  • Advantages: Abundant logo marks can be used
  • The degree of customization is high


  • The high degree of customization requires a lot of work
  • Registration is required
  • High-resolution file is charged


LogoTypeMaker is a logo creation site that is focused on companies.


  • Wide range of logo designs from simple to complex
  • High-customization


  • Required registration
  • High-resolution charged


As you can see, there are various services for logo creation tools, and their characteristics are quite different.

Therefore, it is important to select a service that suits the logo you want to create and the purpose you want to use.