Guide to Reduce Shipping Cost – 20 Points to Cut the Shipping Costs

Shipping Boxes

Everyone wants to reduce or cut their product packaging cost because every extra packaging added to the cost of goods sold will reduce your profit margin.

In this post, you will learn about 20 simple points to reduce the shipping cost.

1) Make Sure Product Packaging is Suitable for Your Product

Select an appropriate product packaging, which makes your product safe during storage and transportation. Also, make sure that it fits with existing merchandise displays or is customized if required.

2) Use Minimum Packaging Material for Your Product

Review your product packaging design and make sure that it is according to the weight of your product. Use less packaging materials, which saves cost to reduce your product package price.

3) Make Sure You Are Using the Correct Package Size

Using the wrong package size for your product will increase the overall volume of transportation costs. So, make sure the size of your shipping box is correct and according to the size of your product. 

4) Pack Multiple Products in a Package

Try to pack multiple products in a package to save the cost of shipping on each. Take care while packing your product to ensure that it is safe from damage during transportation.

5) Make Use of Customized, Reusable, and Recyclable Packaging Materials for Your Products

Customized packaging materials are suitable for special requirements because they can be designed as per the specifications of your product. 

Recyclable and reusable packaging materials can reduce your overall cost because you do not need to repack products every time they are delivered. 

6) Make Use of Recycled Shipping Boxes for Your Cargo

Customized shipping boxes help reduce transportation costs because you do not need to pay for a new packaging box.

7) Distribute Your Products via Reputed Supply Chain Management Companies

You can look for reputed supply chain management companies with a good logistics network in most geographic regions. These companies can help you manage your supply chains effectively by utilizing their network locations across the globe. 

8) Make Your Products Mobile with Ease by Using Pallets

Pallets are an excellent way to transport products from one location to another because they allow you to carry a lot of loads on a single trip.

9) Utilize the Most Advanced Shipping Technologies for All Your Needs

The shipping technologies have been updated, and you can use advanced shipping technologies for all your supply chain management needs. These technologies include but are not limited to Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Near-Field Communication (NFC), and Internet of Things (IoT).

Display Boxes
Display Boxes

10) See to it That You Follow the Right Packaging Methods for Your Products

The packaging methods can be different depending on the product you are shipping. The safest way to use is the one that has minimal environmental impacts while at the same time it can protect products from physical damage.

11) Make Sure That You Use the Right Shipping Box Types for Each Product Type

The correct shipping box types should be used to ensure that your product will be safe during the delivery process.

12) Go Digital to Save Paper and Money

There are instances when paper travels with the product during shipping because of incomplete digital data or no digital data. A lot of time, money, and effort is wasted in this case, and it can be avoided through product data management tools.

13) Keep Track of Product Data to Avoid Custody Disputes

Product data tracking can help avoid custody disputes during shipping, especially when multiple parties are involved.

14) Always Do Damage Control Immediately When There is a Breach in Shipping Security or Integrity

When you notice a breach in a shipping container’s security or integrity, do damage control immediately. If you wait too long to take action, fixing your problem could be very costly and time-consuming.

15) Product Data Management Tracking Saves You Time and Money for Reprinting

When product data management tools are used during the printing process, you can avoid reprinting costs. The data management tools provide real-time inventory tracking, so you know exactly how much each item is being printed.

16) Avoid Claims by Recording Shipment Documentation with Electronic Data Transfer

Electronic data transfer helps prevent errors in documentation leading to claims during shipment. It also means that the whole process can be handled quickly and accurately.

Product Boxes
Product Boxes

17) Product Data Management Tracking Saves Money on Shipping, Freight, and Transportation Costs

Product data management tools can also help you keep track of your shipping files, making it easy to see any discrepancies in the information that could impact costs.

18) Get More Customers by Promoting Your Business Through Amazon and eBay

Promoting your business through Amazon and eBay can give you access to a substantial new customer base. Both Amazon and eBay also offer you the ability to list shipping rates for items on their sites, giving you more exposure to potential customers and helping you reduce costs.

19) USPS Priority Mail vs. FedEx and UPS

USPS Priority Mail vs. FedEx and UPS: Which shipping option is more cost-effective? We investigate the price difference between USPS, FedEx, and UPS to help you better decide your shipping costs.

20) Reduce Your Shipping Costs by as Much as 70%

Learn how to reduce your shipping costs by as much as 70%! In addition, you can save on postage through the consolidated shipment of packages, which is made possible with USPS Flat Rate Priority Mailboxes.