5 Leather Jacket Outfit Ideas for Men

Leather Jacket Outfit Ideas for Men

A leather jacket is a versatile and classic piece of clothing for men’s wear, that can easily be paired up with almost all kinds of outfits. Styling up a leather jacket is quite easy, you can wear it up with a jean and a tee, pants and a shirt, or even a blazer for a wedding look. 

A good leather jacket can last for decades, and be your go-to apparel all year round. If you are looking for something that can go along with casual outfits for everyday looks, then go for something decent and simple. Do not choose something heavy or one with embellishments such as studs, eyelets, or fringes. 

Nowadays, you can find a huge collection of leather jackets all over the internet, which can be quite confusing and challenging. One of the most reliable brands where you can get great leather jackets is the Bengals Starter Jacket. This online clothing brand has a great collection of leather jackets for men, and some great ideas to match up outfits with them.

Here, in this article, we have 5 leather jacket outfit ideas for men that can literally transform your casual and basic look into a classy one. Let’s dig in.

  1. A Biker Jacket – with a green sweater and black pant

A biker jacket is the classic style of a leather jacket that any man can get his hands onto. A biker jacket is constructed from cowhide, to make sure that it can protect you in case of an accident, and keep you safe and sound. It styles a lapel-style collar with an asymmetrical zipper closure at the front, with fitted sleeves, zippered cuffs, and zippered pockets on the waist.

You can pair up a black biker jacket with a knitted green sweater, and black straight-fitted pants, to carry the look that you’ve always dreamt of. Wear up black shoes and don’t you miss out on that wristwatch that you got a few days ago. This is the look to live for.

  1. A Bomber Jacket – with a white tee and blue jean

A bomber jacket has been in the trend since the early 1900s. It was initially introduced for military pilots, with the purpose to serve them with warmth and elegance. As bomber jackets became common for the people, it has been in evolution and stands tall in the fashion industry. A bomber jacket features a ribbed or snaps tab collar that ensures it keeps you safe from the wind. The ribbed hem makes the jacket stay close to your body, with fitted sleeves, ribbed cuffs, and outer pockets. 

A brown bomber jacket will look super chic when paired up with a simple white tee and blue jeans. This is the most casual yet hottest look that any man can own all year round. You can sum up this look with your casual white sneakers, a sterling silver chain around your neck, and rectangle-shaped sunglasses – OOF! You’ll look hot!

  1. A Motorcycle Jacket – with a denim shirt and ripped blue jean

A Motorcycle jacket is the kind of biker jacket but it is constructed from genuine cowhide leather, which makes it durable and sturdy. A motorcycle leather jacket ensures to keep you safe from bruises or scars if you encounter an accident. It is the safest kind of jacket that offers great protection in comparison to any others. A Motorcycle Jacket is usually designed a light, but sturdy. The lapel collar with zippered closure keeps the wind away from entering, thus, offering great warmth to you. The fitted sleeves with zippered cuffs and multiple pockets ensure to hold onto your valuables close.

How about styling up a black motorcycle leather jacket with a blue denim shirt and ripped blue jeans? Wouldn’t this look be just what you’ve always dreamt of? This super casual yet hippy look will make you the center of attention as you enter the room. Choose to wear your sneakers and pick out a sturdy and cool belt to pair up with your jeans.

  1. A Café Racer Jacket – with a black t-shirt and black jean

A Café racer jacket is an advanced version of a biker jacket, with a fitted and fancier look. Such jackets are made up of genuine leather, with a slim and tailored fit. The lapel-style collar with asymmetrical zipper closure at the front pairs up great fitted sleeves zipped cuffs, and fancy embellishments on the external side. 

A black café racer jacket will look amazing when paired up with a black t-shirt and black jeans. This is the all-black outfit that every man desires. This super casual yet stunning outfit will grab the attention of the crowd.

  1. A Flight Jacket – with a gray t-shirt and black jean

A Flight jacket is the most decent style that you can get your hands on. The jacket is a bit baggier and straight than the others. It has a simple yet subtle style, with a classic collar and a decent zippered closure at the front. The long sleeves with open hem cuffs and simple flap pockets on the outside are spacious enough to hold onto your valuables. The jacket ensures to keep you warm and cozy.

A maroon flight jacket can be paired up with a gray t-shirt and black jeans, for a decent and classy look. Wear up your brown dress shoes and choose a decent pair of sunglasses for the day.


Leather jackets are the easiest ones to pair up with all kinds of outfits. No matter whatever your outfit is, just grab onto a leather jacket, and there you are, with the mesmerizing look that you’ve dreamt of. A good leather jacket can embrace you with the perfect decent, elegant, and masculine look that every man desires. All you have to do is invest in a good leather jacket, and leave the rest to it. Cherish the magic of a leather jacket!