When Buying a Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket

Have you been thinking about buying a leather jacket lately? But whenever you start through the process, you get exhausted and confused, and that’s where you give up? Well, we know how challenging it can be to buy a leather jacket. With so many options available all over the internet, any of us can be overwhelmed. 

Since leather jackets have been in continuous evolution for more than decades now, we have a huge collection of leather jackets to choose from. On one hand, that’s a good thing, we have a lot of options to go through, but on the other hand, it’s way overwhelming.

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Furthermore, in this guide, we will be listing down 7 key details to consider when buying a leather jacket. This guide will be a great help for those who are trying to get their hands on a good leather jacket but aren’t sure where to start from. So, let’s dig in.

  1. Leather skin

Leather jackets are available in several animal skins, each skin varies in properties and functionality. Some of the main animal hides that are used in manufacturing leather jackets are, cowhide, lambskin, goatskin, calfskin, and horsehide. 

Cowhide is the most common animal skin used in constructing leather jackets. It is the sturdiest, strengthened, and most durable one, and is quite reasonable in price. Similarly, lambskin is the most delicate, soft, and supple one and the most expensive one as well. It is usually used in manufacturing premium products, such as bags, wallets, shoes, etc.

  1. Inner lining

Once you are done choosing the skin of your leather jacket, it’s time to pick out a good inner lining. The lining of a leather jacket adds weight and breathability to the apparel and also has a bearing on the price of the jacket. The most commonly used inner lining for leather jackets is Bemberg lining. It is quite light, breathable, and silky. Leather jackets without inner linings can be quite light but expensive as well, because of the interior finishing required. 

  1. Style 

Today, we have several styles of leather jackets to choose from. Some of the basic styles are biker jacket, bomber jacket, café racer jacket, motorcycle jacket, flight jacket, and many more. The style that you pick, decides the overall look of your personality. 

For example, a biker jacket is constructed to add a bold and dominant look to your personality. It is quite durable and decent. It usually styles a lapel collar with a zippered conclusion at the front, fitted sleeves with zippered cuffs, and fitted wear. On the other hand, a bomber jacket is the basic style of a leather jacket, that has been in evolution since the 1900s. The jacket has a ribbed or snaps tab collar, for a protected and close fit. The simple zippered closure, with a relaxed fit, offers decent wear for the day. 

  1. Fitting

The fitting is very critical and crucial. The right fitting of your leather jacket can add great style and elegance to your personality, whereas the wrong fit can ruin the day for you. No matter how expensive and classy your leather jacket is, if it doesn’t have the right fit, it’s useless. Make sure that the shoulder seams of your leather jacket are in line with the shoulder points. Also, the higher the armholes, the better the fit. Next, the sleeves of your leather jacket should fall at the end of your wrist or on the base of your thumb. Lastly, the overall length of your jacket must reach up to your waistband. 

  1. Color

There is no color that can ruin the look of your leather jacket, but still, there are some colors that are more versatile than others. For instance, a black leather jacket is the most commonly worn leather jacket all around the globe. Similarly, a brown or gray leather jacket can go along with all kinds of outfits. On the other hand, you can always choose colors such as pink, red, tan or white, if you desire. 

  1. Hardware

The hardware used over your leather jacket leaves a great impact on your overall personality. A jacket can be easily judged by the quality of hardware and accessories used. Thus, make sure to check the quality of the hardware before buying a leather jacket. Embellishments such as zippers, studs, eyelets, buckles, patches, motifs or any other decorative items used to enhance the look of a leather jacket must be of high quality, with decent shine and smoothness. 

  1. Stitching

Lastly, the clean stitching of a leather jacket offers great effort in constructing a high-quality leather jacket. A good leather jacket will have durable and neat stitching with polyester thread that is thick and sturdy, with no loose ends. Also, the stitching on the pockets, armholes, and seams is a very desirable detail that impacts the quality of a leather jacket. 


Leather jackets have been in the trend for more than decades now, and there is no chance that they’ll lose their place anytime soon. A good leather jacket can be quite challenging to buy, but once you have the right one in your hand, it will be worth all the hassle and money that you’ve spent. 

We suggest you keep the above-mentioned 7 key details when buying a leather jacket, so that you may not regret the one-time investment that you make. Good luck in getting the best of all.