What Is iBeacon Technology? All You Should Know About It?

iBeacon Technology

iBeacon technology is a low-level networking gadget that uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to detect and track mobile phones and works as a transmitter. Apple’s beacon protocol can be used to provide location-based application notifications and services that take advantage of BLE’s ability to allow wireless devices to connect without human intervention.

IBeacon, which specifies how BLE connection apps should be communicated, is compatible with iPhone 4S and later, iPad 3rd generation and later, iPod nano, and iPod Touch 5th generation and later. Now, during App Development this technology is being immersed into it.

iBeacon technology is based on a Bluetooth Low Power sensor by transmitting a globally unique identifier captured by a compatible operating system or operating system. It is also possible to track the location of device tracking customers or initiate a location-based action from the device tracking customers using the identifier and the few bytes sent along with it. IBeacon technology can also be used with the app as a standalone app, helping smartphones pinpoint almost any location or context.

With the help of iBeacon, the smartphone software can find almost any iBeacon related location in the store. Stores that sell bricks and mortar use backpacks in mobile commerce, offer customers special offers in mobile marketing and may allow mobile payments through commerce systems. IBeacon technology is also available for Android devices.

How Does iBeacon Work?

Mobile applications or operating systems on smartphones can display IBeacon data in a mobile app or operating system using Bluetooth low-power technology. This unique ID is used to determine the location of an actual smartphone and thus track the customer’s location in the store or trigger a location-based action on the device, for example, to send a certain app notification. The iBeacon ships with a beacon that includes three components: CPU, radio, and batteries. Beacons come in all shapes and colors. Other beacons include accelerometers, temperature sensors, or other plugins.

Any Bluetooth 4.0 capable hardware device can theoretically function as a backup network for iBeacons. The iBeacon transmitter usually sits in a fixed location and sends data packets to the receiver smartphones inside the potential transmitter. A transmitter that transmits an iBeacon will typically transmit information such as:

  • Universe Unique Identifier: Tells your compatible smartphone using the name of a user or company that uses iBeacon.
  • Major: Containing bacon.
  • Less: Includes a more precise bacon area.
  • TX Power: definition of the intensity of the signal.

How Does iBeacon Technology Benefit the Retail Industry?

Provide customization

Vendors can mine customer data based on past purchase history to promote additional products with gifts tailored to individual customer preferences. Sellers can send personalized welcome messages to users, which can increase their willingness to buy more. Based on customers’ purchasing behavior, everything from coupons to deals to recommendations can be customized.

Such information can help them gain a better understanding of customer behavior and advise them in their hunt for a suitable product. iBeacon technology can accomplish the same thing in a physical store that Amazon does with tailored purchasing recommendations based on previous purchases.

Improved store feel

Customers should always be your number one priority if you own a retail business. Store enhancements will not only impress customers at the same time but also help you build long-term customer loyalty. With Beacon technology, you can send relevant contextual information directly to your smartphones based on location, shopping favorites, and more. You can direct your customers to the store through internal navigation; hand out coupons when you are near a product or store.

Data collection and analysis

Customer information is very important to marketers who want to improve their services and provide better customer information. With the help of Beacons, you can collect important customer information for your business, like no. Tourism promotional success and marketing-driven campaigns. By using beacons, you can create and deliver personalized offers by collecting information such as store activity, product preferences, etc.

Help redirect                                                                              

With the help of the nearby data provided by the bacon, retailers can also target their customers. An example is when a customer leaves the store without making a purchase. The light fixture installed in that store will provide information to the store owner, such as what products the customer is looking at, has the customer tested it?

Redirection helps customers return to your websites in some way and helps them re-engage with your product, which in turn increases. Conversion. Small and medium-sized businesses can use iBeacon technology to understand user behavior patterns.


  • Improved customer experience as you can help customers easily navigate through actual stores.
  • Increased sales due to increased exposure to information from potential customers about products for sale.
  • You can increase product reliability by having your customers download an application that uses iBeacon.
  • IBeacon technology is not expensive to use and measure.
  • Can help the organization collect customer metrics?


  • There are secret concerns that some organizations may not be successful with the metrics they collect, and iBeacon has been transformed from an opt-in technology to an opt-out technology.
  • IBeacon technology can obtain information about the user’s location.
  • Third-party companies may be allowed to send messages to the user’s device, increasing the user’s ability to remove an iBeacon-enabled application when receiving spam notifications.
  • Bluetooth is limited.
  • Bluetooth signals can also be blocked by multiple walls or other obstacles.
  • There are not many end-users who hear about beacons often.

Final Thoughts

iBeacon technology is more widely accepted and more complete than many realize. Although powered by a simple concept, the sheer number of potential applications it offers makes it clear that this technology will be widely available for years to come. Small businesses find it very expensive since it is inexpensive and consumes little power.