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Reasons Why Screens Are Better Than Curtains


The choice of one’s window dressing is vital to any space. It can transform a room for the better if the right kind of drape or shade is used. But how do you select what is best for your space? And how do you know what is good for the space you want to use it in? Well if you are confused but are swaying between the options of curtains or using window screens then you have come to the right place. Because I am going to explain why blinds are better than curtains:

Better Control of the Light

Unlike curtains, with window screens, you can actually direct light or choose to let in a partial amount of light or not let in any light at all. Curtains are a lot more unpredictable compared to blinds. And if you are someone who loves to sleep late in the morning then I highly suggest that you get yourself a couple of shutters in your bedroom because, unlike curtains, the shutters do not allow light to seep through at all.

Many Choices of Material

You can choose materials that suit your space the best. For instance: if you have an industrial-looking kitchen with lots of steel then shiny aluminium shutters are probably best for your space. If your home has a more earthy tone and feels then you can go for bamboo shutters or wooden ones that match the rest of your space. And there are not just multiple material options but numerous patterns, endless styles and colours too. They are tremendously functional, super sleek and extremely effective making them the perfect window dressing.

So Easy To Maintain

It is so super easy to clean blinds. All you need to do is use a damp cloth and wipe. There is no need to hand-wash it or use heavy-duty detergents to get out stains. You will just have to remove the dust off of them every once in a while. But do not be fooled into thinking that is not a bit time-consuming. Shutters are great in many ways such as being energy saving but they might take a bit of time to dust.

Curtains On The Other Hand

Curtains, on the other hand, are not as durable as honeycomb blinds but they are also a lot more expensive. Curtains are additionally not always suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, offices and kids’ playrooms since they absorb water and are a lot more high maintenance. Drapes also fail to properly filter light according to your needs and have to be either completely opened or fully closed.  And I can tell you for certain that curtains are a lot harder to clean. Plus, they tend to get mouldy and sometimes stained because they are made of fabric.

Shutters are awesome but curtains are not all that bad either, it all depends on your taste and need. But these are just a few reasons why screens are a lot better than a curtain. They are a remedy for all the needs that a curtain cannot fulfil, making them very useful.