Check out which solar panel (in between a 20 kW Solar system and a 6.6 kW Solar System) is suitable to use for residential purposes.

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Hey! Have you made up your mind to install a solar system on your house rooftop? But somehow confused or get stuck in between the 6.6- or 20-Kw Solar System to which one to choose for installation. Then, do not worry we’re here to help you out regarding this matter before getting to know the 20 kW Solar System or 6.6 kW Solar System Price NSW.

During the time of determining the number of solar panels you required, there are some basic elements to consider including the advantages of solar energy: –

1. Daily consumption of power.

2. Rising hours of the sun in your area.

3. The size of your rooftop.

The first topic is the most pivotal element in finding the number of solar panels you required. This is determined by the total kilowatt hours (Kwh) you’re currently using or aiming to use in your home.

The second is the amount of energy created by the PVC panels based on the sun rising in your locality and also the state where you reside. So, in case the time of sun rises in New South Wales differs a little bit then it will create influence the number of solar panels you are going to install on your house rooftop.

And finally, the last one is the size of the roof as it can regulate the number of panels that can fit on your roof, how much energy is required, and the price rate. Even it’s also necessary to think about your roof’s sustainability – will it support the weight of the PVC panels and in which direction the panels are going to be placed?

How much area is required to accommodate a 6.6 KW or 20KW solar panel?

For 6.6KW the area that is needed for one panel is roughly 1.7m2 which signifies it can cover up to 30-36m². While for 20KW the area that is required to install one panel is 100 sq. ft which signifies it can cover up to 2000sqft, i.e., 0.046 acres.

This is conditional and proposed based on the rooftop style of your home and the tilt of the panel that you’re going to install. In case tilt frames are needed, they will take up slightly more space than the panels flush mounted on the roof. Your CEC-accredited retailer can administer a full site inspection and assessment before recommending a system.

How many panels does a 6.6KW or 20KW solar system use to operate?

A present ordinary 6.6 KW photovoltaic structure using anywhere between 300 W to 370 W may consist of 17-22 solar panels. While a 20KW structure is generally paired with 55 to 60 PVC panels based on the wattage of the solar panels used, so you only require 55 panels of 370W.

How much does a 6.6kW or 20KW solar system cost?

The price rate of a better quality 6.6 KW solar system for your home comes with an average cost of about $2500 to $3000 while the 20KW solar system might range between $11,000 to $12,999. It is much more economical now than it was just a couple of years back. This cost is contingent on solar deduction and annuity gave by the local governing administration. Systems with modern alms and welfares can be slightly costlier even though they with finite alms can be purchased at a cheaper price.

How much energy can a 6.6kW or 20 KW solar system generate?

Considering its dependency, a single solid answer is impossible to provide regarding it.

  • Site Location.
  • Orientation and tilt of the PVC panel array.
  • The shades that are available in your residence are falling on the panels.
  • The execution of the panels and the inverter.

A 6.6KW solar system usually with a 5 KW inverter can produce nearly 23.8KW – 27.7 KW of energy on a standard day while a 20KW solar system generates about 2400 units per month. Hence, a major part of Australian citizens prefers to use 6.6KW solar panels.

How good are these devices with solar batteries?

Whether you live in an area where there is a repeated power outage the utilization of solar batteries for your solar devices (i.e., either 6.6 KW or 20KW) is endorsed. But, in case your place is not so susceptible to power outages (suppose for every month) then it’s substantial to comprehend the off-peak and peak power pricing with your retailer to make the most use of your battery. The least possible battery size that we recommend for using 6.6KW solar panels is 5KW and 12 KW for 20KW solar panels.

What is the payback period for both of these solar systems?

Whether your system of 6.6KW solar system or 20KW solar system comes at a reasonable price rate and is installed properly to generate an adequate amount of energy for consumption than the median payback time that you might look for is 3-5 years.

Hence, these were some of the basics of these solar panels which you need to know before asking for the 20 kW Solar System or 6.6 kW Solar System Price in NSW.