A Detailed Guide To The Right Way Of Using A Head Shaver!

Head Shaver

For ages, men consider shaving a part of their daily grooming routine. And that’s why shaving is generally associated with masculine traits. But, while most men are well-aware of the steps of face shaving, only a few know the right ways of shaving their heads. So, if you are on verge of learning the ideal methods of head shaving, you are on the right page! Here in this blog, we will not only discuss the key aspects of a smooth head shave but also the right ways of using a razor or head shaver.


Regardless of whether you are a pro or a novice in head shaving, picking the right shaving tool and practicing the right shaving steps should be your top priority. Although most men consider the steps of face shaving and head shaving to be the same, that’s not the reality! The primary purpose of face shaving and head shaving is the same, that is, removing unwanted hair from the skin. But, the techniques of both kinds of shaving differ largely. Remember, the shaving technique that works flawlessly on the face might not be as wonderful on the scalp.

Along with the technique, the shaving tool also plays a crucial part in the overall head shaving procedure. And with that, arises the most debated question – electric head shaver or manual razor? Well, shaving is a personalized routine, hence you may choose one that best fits your budget and shaving requirement. But, according to experts, a powered shaver is a more convenient and safer tool to use than a manual razor. So, if you have already considered using an electric shaver, here are the shaving aspects you should essentially bear in mind.

Aspects Of Smooth Shaving

One of the most important aspects of head shaving is getting the basics right! No matter whether you use high-end shaving tools or advanced shaving techniques, understanding the basics of head shaving is the key to achieving a smooth and sleek head shave. In addition, there are three more steps involved in smooth head shaving that are as follows:

  • Scalp Prep up
  • Actual Head Shave
  • Maintaining a Healthy Aftershave Routine

Now that you have a brief idea of smooth head shaving aspects, let’s take a look at the right ways of using different head shaving tools.

Head Shaving Tools: Ideal Ways of Using

Head shaving tools are mainly categorized into three types – manual razors, electric rotary shavers, and electric foil shavers. Below are the detailed steps for using each of them.

  1. Manual Razors

The traditional way of head shaving is by using a manual razor. Since, the beginning of shaving, men have been using some or other sort of razor to clear off unwanted hair from the skin and scalp. Still, there are a few steps that you need to floor while shaving your head with a manual razor and they are as follows:

  • Prepare your scalp before the actual shaving. Soften your hair follicles by applying shaving cream or gel on the scalp.
  • Do not be harsh with the razor. Glide the razor gently throughout the contour of your scalp.
  • Replace the blades frequently as shaving your scalp with blunt blades can cause abrasion, irritation, and rashes.
  • Clean the razor after use. This will help you maintain shaving hygiene.
  • Electric Rotary Shavers

If you have long hair strands to shave, this mens head shaver can ideally fit your shaving requirements. Comprised of rotating circular heads and metal guards, electric rotary shavers are one of the best tools for providing a smooth head shave. Some considerable factors to keep in mind while shaving your head with a rotary shaver include:

  • Using this device in circular, overlapping, clockwise, and anti-clockwise patterns will let you grab more hairs in one go. It improves the quality of head shave, helping you achieve a smooth and sleek dome.
  • Take adequate time for shaving your head with rotary shavers or else you may tend to get cuts, nicks, and burns.
  • Electric Foil Shavers

A foil head shaver is ideal for shaving short stubble. Comprising sharp blades and a thin perforated metal screen, these electric shavers allow users to achieve a smooth head shave. Below are the right ways of using a foil shaver:

  • For best results, hold the shaver perpendicularly at a 90 degrees angle to the scalp surface and glide it against the direction of the hair growth using gentle strokes.
  • You may choose to press the shaver harder on your scalp to get desired head shave. However, avoid the step if you have a sensitive scalp.
  • If required, flip the shaver to shave those areas of your scalp that you practically find difficult to shave.

Bottom Line

Now that you have read the entire blog, you know the important aspects of head shaving along with the ideal ways of using different head shaving tools like a razor and men’s head shaver. Hopefully, the information provided here will be of great help to you during your shaving sessions.