Check out the three most important things for making your patent registered.

making your patent registered.

A business entity of various sizes remains frustrated about having objects copied by its competitors. Most of the time, when someone comes up with a reasonable excuse to register their products in the market, many people jump on it with their own version. For this reason, whoever comes up with an invention, be it for example a tool or a single process – should strongly consider approaching the governing authorities of the region in which they reside for the patent Alma process. 

Patents are remarkably beneficial for multiple reasons. Basically, it is an intellectual asset of yours that is being persevered from getting used by others in that region. It guarantees the proprietorship of innovation by prohibiting others from commercializing the patented obtained on it.

So, let’s now discuss a few of the pivotal stakes of Patent tescil.

1. Helps to increase your income.

A patent can yield millions or even billions for you – if you exercise them flawlessly – be it through licensing or market dominance. Let us now review a few examples:-

 • Direct market premium pricing – Being new to the market requires a lot of resources. With the use of patents, your product remains attainable to your target audience. It enables your business to determine market value, even if it’s a process or equipment. For firms that have just entered the market, the patent is assumed to be a reliable expert and innovator, only to build brand credibility and loyalty for which buyers pay a premium.

• Licensing – Other methods of licensing a patent play a key role in generating revenue. A patent registration gives the owner the sole right to manufacture, use or sell the creation in a return for fee or royalty. This works perfectly unless the developer has the help to create and distribute the innovation or unless they merely choose to be a seller. Several companies go independently by licensing their processes and product lines compared to other companies and are very cost-effective.

2. Patent tescil can help to raise the valuation of an organization.

Intellectual property may include patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. In most cases, patents are the most influential part, especially in high-automation industries or consumer products.

This intellectual property is essential and a very considerable part of a company’s assets. At present, it is common to see that 50% to 90% of the value of a Fortune 500 company consists mainly of intangible assets associated with intellectual property.

An undisputedly strong IP portfolio is key to obtaining venture capital to furnish power in various business transactions in mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

Patent Portfolio Acquisitions:-

The deal of a patent portfolio is a very profitable market. The transactions done here often deal in multi-millions of dollars. A few of the models are jotted below –

• Nearly about $ 1 billion of 800 AOL patents are purchased by Microsoft.

• From RealNetworks around $ 120million, and from Aware Inc. & InterDigital Inc. about $ 75 & $ 375 million of a patent is consumed by Intel.

• Nortel network sold their patent near above $4.4 billion in 2011.

• The purchase of 1200 Motorola’s mobile business patent by Google at about $12.5 billion was done.

• The digital-imaging-patent portfolio by Eastman Kodak was sold for $ 25 million.

3. It eliminates the competition.

It produces an obstacle at the entry that hinders others from selling the same product in direct competition with you. It delivers a little enterprise like you a chance to compete against a considerable firm. While little start-up entrepreneurs can own more market share than large corporations. Usually, a reputable firm can have enormous welfare than a new start-up with an invention – however, having patent support keeps large corporations with huge marketing and manufacturing budgets from using your idea.

The proper intellectual property lawyer who manages patents can aid in keeping your competitors on the side-line. Hence, this allows enormous enterprises to conquer the marketplace.

4. Patents attract investors

Whether it’s venture capital or angel investors, securing capital investment funding will be much easier if you can show a patent or patent pending. Plus, you can pitch your creative ideas without fear of plagiarism. If you offer potential investors the steps you’ve taken to secure a patent to give them peace of mind, they’ll feel more serious about your product and investing in a real opportunity to monetize IP.

You can keep a patent or patent pending in case of pitching investors. This will show how innovative your idea is and how much time and money you have already invested. This will increase your valuation as a company and give you leverage in negotiations with potential venture capital investors.


Therefore, this is the main reason to register your patent. Expect you to understand everything about it after reading this article. Remember not to try to file your patent application on your own as a small mistake can lead you to more expenses – so, hire a patent attorney from start to finish and get your patent Alma done.