How To Get Rid of this Problem In An Apple Watch

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When the Apple Watch’s battery gets so low that it cannot even show the time in Power Reserve mode, an error message known as the “snake of death” appears on the device’s screen. It occurs if the device is either brand new and has no charge or hasn’t been charged for a long time.

Causes of “Snake of Death” Issue

A significantly drained battery that isn’t powerful enough to start watchOS is the major cause of obtaining the charging cord displayed on the screen. These are the causes:

  • Apple Watch hasn’t done anything in a long time. The device’s internal battery still has enough power to maintain the current time and date even when it shuts down. However, if the gadget isn’t charged, the battery will keep draining until it reaches a point where it needs to be fully charged.
  • Because the Apple Watch was in the store for a while before you bought it, the battery is completely dead, and the device is brand new.
  • Another cause is that the Apple Watch spends a lot of time in the sun for a long time. This might have led to the battery overheating to the point where it can no longer accept store charges and needs to be replaced.

How To Fix Apple Watch Snake Screen Issue

The following are the most common solutions for this problem.

Charge your Apple Watch

First, you should connect your Apple Watch to its charger before doing anything else. At this point, the watch is also showing the snake screen. It’s important to remember that the snake of death might persist for a while. You should wait up to four (4) hours for the Apple Watch to turn on and for the snake screen to disappear.

Remember to be patient and give the watch as much time as necessary to connect to a power source. Look for overheating on the watch. You should unplug the battery if it is broken to prevent melting or any other unintended incidents.

If the lightning symbol is red, the Apple Watch is not receiving any charge. If the lightning symbol is green, the juice is moving through, and you should exercise patience.

Change your Charging Cable

A damaged or outdated cable frequently prevents the Apple Watch from charging correctly. Before saying goodbye to your Apple Watch, if you’ve been suffering from the Snake of death issue, it is best to check your charger and replace it if necessary. It is also essential to any third-party adapters or cables you may have and only use an original Apple Watch charger.

Hard Resetting the Apple Watch

A hard reset will fix any firmware-related problems with the Apple Watch. The presence of red and green snakes may also result from a software error.

The Apple Watch can be hard reset by:

  • Verify that the watch is attached to the charging dock.
  • The Apple logo will appear on the screen after 10 seconds of pressing and holding the Side button and Digital Crown. By doing so, you’ll restore your watch’s factory default settings and maybe fix the issue.

Your Apple Watch battery may be entirely dead and has to be replaced if you are still seeing a green or red snake on it.

Check Voltage

It has been observed that most green snake death issues are brought on by unstable or frequently varying or unstable charging voltage. The Apple Watch’s battery may suffer since the power flow is irregular.

Examine for Defective Charger

This issue can also be brought on by faulty, damaged, and worn-out chargers because they are to consistently and appropriately supply power.

Always Keep your Apple Watch Charge

Watch out that the Apple Watch battery doesn’t run out. Maintain the health of your watch by keeping it fully charged and avoiding the possibility of an Apple Watch charging snake.

Get in touch with Professional Only

If you’re still having issues Calling the best professionals in town or expert Apple service providers is one of the greatest solutions. These professionals can diagnose the source of the problem and repair your Apple watch.

The best course of action and one of the solutions that professionals will recommend right away is changing the battery using a replacement unit when the Apple watch is experiencing the snake of death issue.

Final Words

You can get rid of the annoying green or red snake on your Apple Watch using the solutions above. If not, please get in touch with Apple support, who will be more than delighted to assist you.

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When the Apple Watch’s battery is completely dead, the “death of snake” error appears on the screen. This issue can be resolved quickly and easily.